5IN1 Blueteeth Speaker Wireless Charger Stand Holder Night Light with Alarm clock

Model No.: GF606B
Size 21X19.5X5.5cm
9V 2A Charging
10W Wireless Charging Power
5W Speaker
Surface Finish Wooden grain,white or customized
Applicable for Different place such as living room, bedside, desk, kitchen, office


* This multifunctional device can act as a wireless charger, a table lamp, a Bluetooth speaker, and a phone stand with an adjustable angle, Alarm clock for wakeup. 

* Bluetooth speaker simply operation and just press to increase the volume or use a long press to switch songs and attached to the phone at a distance of 10 meter.

* this loud speaker also help you watch videos on your smartphone comfortably as it is also a phone holder with any angle.different light model provide the comfortable resource in dark night. 

* the LED screen display the time and set up the alarm clock to hardworking man to wake up.




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