Rechargeable LED Flash Light Serachlight

Model No.: GF308
Material: ABS+PP
Size(cm): Dia 10.5x18H
Input Voltage: 110-240V AC
Battery: 1500 Rechargeable battery
Torch Range: about 200 meters
Light Source: 9*LED/1*LED


* This LED Searchlight have large capacity battery with long endurance, can help camper in outside can lighting range is about 200 meters,

* Made of high quality ABS plastic metal with waterproof charactor in serious weather, 

* Built-in 1500mAH battery and can be charged by 110-240AD power resource and last 18 hours working time,

* 2 light mode( strong light and weak light) can suitable different working situation,easy carry by oval comfortable handle and can add the soft shoulder belt.

* The charging time need 15 hours and indicator light become green when fully can works 18 hour for weak light and works 8 working hour for strong light, widely used for hiking, survival, emergency use, outdoor and family homeuse, party, camping, hiking etc.




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