Trolley Speaker with RGB Glitter

Model No.: GF9001
Portable built in battery
50meter Microphone Cable
30W Shocking Bass
Wireless Intelligent interconnection
UItimate sound can cover 20-100㎡


* Excellent Karaoke Sound

equipped with 10'' subwoofer and 3'' tweeter for full range stereo sound reproduction and amplifiering your voice. With a powerful stereo sound and a active subwoofer, it can amplifie higher as well as lower bass frequencies.

* Colorful Disco Lights

Shining and colorful LED lights on karaoke speaker, which can change color with the beat of music. 

* Playing various Ways

can be used: Bluetooth, supports connect wirelessly (such as mobile phone, laptop and tablets); Micro card playing; USB playing; Play by aux cable; Search FM channels to play.

* Rechargeable Battery

provide you a long non-stop music playing. 




Contact: Kathy SHEN

Phone: 13953284345



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